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Private Financial Planning

The foundation of the services that Bartholomew Financial Limited provide to our clients is built on developing a long-term relationship that enables us over time to recommend the appropriate adjustments required to our clients financial planning strategy as events inevitably change.

Our approach is simple, we aim to create strategies and structures that enable our clients to protect their wealth and attain financial independence, giving the financial freedom to eventually work through choice and not necessity.

Bartholomew Financial Limited has a wealth of experience in the areas of financial planning and wealth management and provides clients with a comprehensive service designed to create a bespoke financial planning strategy.

Private Client Advice

• Investment strategies
• Retirement planning (including flexible drawdown)
• Tax planning strategies
• Life and health insurance
• Long term care planning
• School fees planning

Estate Planning

Bartholomew Financial Limited understands that protecting our client's wealth from inheritance tax requires tailored, careful planning. We offer comprehensive advice about how to take advantage of the most tax-efficient and effective strategies to manage and protect our clients estates.

Of growing significance is the potential threat of care fee's to our client's estate and lifestyle. With little support available most individuals will be in a position where they will have to draw upon their own resources to fund their care fees. Depending on the level of assistance / care needed the costs can be considerable potentially eroding all savings and investments over a few years. The burden of care fees invariably are passed on to the family as local authority support is limited. There are products and strategies available to help preserve capital and clients financial independence.

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