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Bartholomew Financial Limited is a firm of independent financial advisers dedicated to delivering unbiased, unrestricted, financial advice best suited to our client's circumstances and objectives. This is delivered in a manner that that is most appropriate and convenient to our clients.

Everyone's needs and objectives are unique. This is why our belief in tailor-made, personal service lies at the heart of everything we do. In our experience the majority of people would prefer to receive financial advice on a face to face basis, dealing with the same person so that a relationship of knowledge and understanding can be developed. We do not believe in a "one size fits all" approach or that advice should be provided via a call centre approach where you have no continuity and only limited advice provided.

We have been helping clients overcome complicated financial problems for many years and our business has evolved primarily through client recommendations and professional referrals.

Bartholomew Financial Limited advice covers the whole financial services market. Whether you are seeking to build an investment portfolio, create a tax-efficient retirement strategy or simply protect yourselves and the ones you love against financial hardship brought about by life's unforeseen circumstances we have the expertise to provide the answer.

Impartial advice of the highest quality

At Bartholomew Financial Limited we use state of the art technology enabling us to meet all of our client's financial needs both personally and corporately and achieve their objectives in the most cost-effective way. Depending upon the level of service our clients select we can offer regular investment updates via email, investment management and fund switches at the click of a button, secure web access to live valuations. We use comprehensive research software and a market leading back office system that allows us to store client data securely.

This is important because there are literally thousands of different options available and our clients want to be certain that any investment, pension, healthcare, or insurance recommendations that we present for consideration are the most appropriate to their individual needs.

In other words, recommendations that are totally in our client's interests - not someone else's.

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